Airport Runway Light Cleaner


Automatic dry ice blasting of runway lights
Saco Verktøy have developed a new and groundbreaking equipment for dry ice blasting of airport runway lights.

Fast and effectiv the equipment is mounted on a suitable vehicle, and integrated in the drivers cab. The operator can easely and enviromentally friendly clean the runway lights with dry ice (CO2).

The problems of cleaning runway lights with convensional cleaning processes like high pressured water, is that not all particles are cleaned away. In addition the lights are easely damaged due to the water, which can penetrate into the light structure. With dry ice blasting all these problems are solved. The dry ice leaves no water and blasts away all particles on the lights. Dry ice can be used below freezing temperature and to remove icing.

Saco Verktøy have delivered this equipment to Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) and Rygge Airport (RYG).

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Main functions

A hydraulic work arm with positioning and a developed rotation unit is attached in the front of the vehicle. The rotating unit cleans away particles from the runway lights with air pressured dry ice (CO2). The dry ice is delivered from a pneumatic dry ice blasting machine (delivered by Artic Miljø Process as), placed on a work platform with a dry ice container with 115 kg dry ice pellets.

All specifications can be configured for the customer.

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